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  1. 2013.01.08 펜탁스-리코, 'MX-1' 컴팩트 디지털 카메라 출시

펜탁스-리코, 'MX-1' 컴팩트 디지털 카메라 출시


- 12.1 megapixel 1/1.7inch back-illuminated CMOS sensor

- f/1.8 - f/2.5 4x optical zoom lens equivalent to 28-112mm

- Shake Reduction (SR) Sensor Shift Image Stabilisation

- 3inch tilting screen, 920k dots

- 1cm super macro mode

- 25 AF points individually selectable

- Fast release lag 0.019s, 1.6s start-up time

- ISO100 - ISO12800

- Textured rubber grip, with brass top and bottom plates

- In camera RAW (DNG) processing

- Full HD video recording, time-lapse, high speed video

- Electronic level

- IR sensor for remote control at front and back

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